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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Retentive Book Collectors and New China Mieville Covers

There's something about lining up books from a single author or series on your shelf. They don't look identical, but they share a similarity that links them and creates a beautiful symmetry (yes, I know that isn't what symmetry is). Unless things change.

In my early University days I had little money to buy books. The only books I bought were entries in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time and George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire. Imagine my terrible sadness when the Wheel books changed from the style of Winter's Heart to Crossroads of Twilight.



Now I have an income. Now I own all of the US Hardcover versions of the Wheel of Time books from TOR, and I can sleep at night. However, my dreams are about to be troubled again. As if the first change didn't hurt enough there is another evolution in cover design for China Mieville's next book, Embassytown.


Sure, conduct your market research, design more effective and modern covers, change with the times, grow your readership and your profits. But at what cost? Haven't I suffered enough? I can't believe the selfishness of these publishers. It's enough to drive me crazy.


  1. He he. I sense a family trait here. You ARE a bit of a perfectionist after all.

  2. Except I don't care if the bookshelf is surrounded by mess, as long as the shelf itself looks good.