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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A slow news week

Keeping with tradition my blog posts have dried up as I have gone back to work. Fortunately for me its been a slow new week, right?

In the last week alone the final nominations lists have been released for both the David Gemmell Legend Award and, probably more importantly, the Hugo Awards ballot. I will probably dedicate a post to each of these awards, but feel free to visit the official sites for the Gemmell and Hugo lists.

Very Australian

As a true patriot, and given that we have just enjoyed our annual Anzac Day commemorations, it would be remiss of me if I failed to highlight the Ditmar Awards which were presented at SwanCon in Perth over the (very) long weekend. My patriotism has never been more apparent - I haven't read a single one of the novels listed for Best Novel by an Australian writer. The winner, however, was Tansy Rayner Roberts's Power and Majesty (which I will read). And the trophy sure looks nice.

Meanwhile some of the major awards in Science fiction specifically have been announced. South African writer Lauren Beukes won the Arthur C. Clarke Award for her novel Zoo CityMark Hodder was presented with the Philip K. Dick Award for The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack. Unsurprisingly I have not read either of these books. My Science Fiction reading has dropped off dramatically in favour of Fantasy this year.

The biggest news of the week for me landed today. George R. R. Martin has completed the manuscript of A Dance with Dragons, which will now definitely meet the July publication window. It's been a while! George posted a cryptic message on his blog - so cryptic in fact that his editor Anne Groell felt the need to assure the internet that we did in fact interpret George's message correctly.


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